Things to carry for Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers trek, things to carry

Whenever you go for trek to valley of flowers you should very planned to make your trip successful. Lack of planning can make your trip hell and an ugly experience. You should be mentally prepared for a rough and tough trip. Do not expect any luxury and expect the unexpected on your trip since you are going to Himalayas.

But if you carry the right things with you they will be very handy in odd times. For example extra batteries for your camera and a torch with you if you become late while trekking and it is dark. Small things become very important at such a remote place. Closer you go to nature it will be more tough but beautiful experience.

Things to carry for Valley of Flowers Trek, Just check the outfits and other details.
Things to carry for Valley of Flowers Trek, Just check the outfits and other details.

Below is the list we have prepared after our 10 years’ of experience. But you will be responsible for your decision.

Things to carry for valley of flowers trek

  1. One light weight jacket which will act as wind cheater as well as woolen. It is very cold during night times.
  2. One pair of Capri pants. These are helpful while trekking even in rain. Due to their shorter length they do not get wet from bottom. Very comfortable for trekking.
  3. Two woolen Jumpers to wear below the Jacket.
  4. One light umbrella preferably very short one. You can keep it in your bags water bottle holder.
  5. Sunglasses.
  6. A woolen hat.
  7. A digital camera according to your needs.
  8. A duffle bag, Pothoo bag.
  9. Small bag to be used as day pack. You will be carrying your lunch, camera, chocolates etc while you go for trek to Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib from Ghangaria.
  10. Water bottle. You may also use empty mineral water bottle.
  11. Toiletries, Small towel which dries fast.
  12.  LED torch. May be handy any day.
  13. Electric extension chord with multi plug. May be very handy when you need to recharge your camera batteries.
  14. Good quality trekking shoes. Do not take new shoes for the trip. Use them before hand so that they are well broken and do not cause blisters while trekking.
  15. Important medicines for example crape bandage, muscle relaxant and other medicine as per your requirement.
  16. High energy low weight eatables like chocolates, dry fruits and biscuits.

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