Mana Village

Mana is a small village and is just three kilometers from famous Hindu Pilgrimage, Badrinath. It is the last Indian village on this side. People visiting Badrinath should definitely visit Mana for its natural beauty and historical and mythological importance. Mana is situated at a height of 10500 feet above sea level.

Treks starting from Mana

Many treks start from Mana like Vasudhara Falls trek, Swargarohini trek and Satopanth Laks Mana Village. Vasudhara falls trek can be done in a day from Mana. Vasudhara Falls are only 6 km from Mana and are very beautiful. For other treks you need to carry your tents and other materials to camp.

Important places to see at Mana Village.

Vyas Gufa (व्यास गुफ़ा ):

It is the place where Vyas Rishi wrote Indian epics like Maharabharta and Ramayana. A small temple is also at Vyas Gufa.

Ganesh Gufa (गणेश गुफ़ा) :

It is the place where Ganesh dictated the Indian epics to Vyas Rishi. A small temple of Lord Ganesh is also here.

Starting Point of Saraswati (सरस्वती) River and Bhim Pul (भीम पुल ):

It is most amazing place to see at Mana. The Saraswati River starts from a very narrow tunnel type of natural structure and the bridge over it is called as Bhim Pul. It is believed that when Padawas were going to heaven from this way, Bhim put a very huge rock on Saraswati (सरस्वती) River so that Draupadi (द्रौपदी )can cross it.

Mana Village : Saraswati River Starting Point.
Mana Village : Saraswati River Starting Point.

Just watch this video of Saraswati river Starting Point.

Keshav Prayag.

It is the confluence of River Alaknanda and Saraswati, it can be seen from the parking area at Mana.

You can buy local made woolens and herbs from Mana. Some of them are really very nice. You should visit here if you are going to Badrinath. Do not assume it to be only pilgrim destination it is very beautiful for natural lovers too.

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