Valley of flowers

Valley of flowers National Park, Uttarakhand, India

Valley of flowers National Park, India is located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand State in India. It is a Himalayan Valley and is accessible through trek from Govindghat. Govindghat is the last road head for your trip to valley of flowers. From Govindghat Badrinath is only 25 kilometers on National Highway no 58.

The Valley blooms with hundreds of different flowers in a short span of four months. It is accessible only for four months in a year from June to September and for the rest of the year whole area is snow clad. Valley changes its shades very rapidly as nature is always more disciplined than human beings. The same variety of flower will bloom exactly in the same week as it has been blooming for centuries.

 Impatiens flower painting the valley in pink color in first week of August.
Impatiens flower painting the valley in pink color in first week of August.

By April end the snow in the valley starts melting and the seeds put down in last season start germinating. The different varieties come one by one as per their turn. As time passes the number of varieties and total number of flowers also increase rapidly. So we have maximum number of flowers in terms of quantity as well as variety by the last week of July. After July this number start reducing as flowers start maturing and seeds come up. Definitely there are some late varieties as well which you can see only in late months but total number of flowers reduces as time passes. By the end of August the total number of flowers reduces to a large extent and the color of the valley also changes from lush green to pale yellowish green.

But during this time you can see lot of beautiful flowers at Hemkund Sahib. Hemkund Sahib is at a height of 13500 feet and the Valley is at a height of 10500 to 11500 feet. This altitude difference results in temperature difference as well so the variety at Hemkund Sahib is entirely different from the valley. By September end the temperature in the area reduces and occasionally we have snow fall so the valley and Hemkund Sahib closes officially by 4th October every year.

The monsoon is the best season to go to the valley so you should be prepared for landslides on your road journey and rains while trekking as well. This is the cost you need to bear apart from money and time spent for the trip. But we recommend you can go to the valley any time as it is always beautiful than most of other hill stations any time. If you subtract flowers form the valley still you can see lot of beautiful mountains, cascading waterfalls, forests, wild life, beautiful glaciers and roaring rivers on your trip to the Valley of Flowers.

Valley of flowers trek itinerary

Best time to visit valley of flowers

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Valley of flowers trek itinerary

Detailed itinerary of the Trek. You can find distances to be covered, altitude changes, important instructions for your trek to the valley. You need to trek for minimum of four days in your trip. Read full itinerary at our Valley of Flowers Trek Itinerary page.